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Now you know that there is a wealth of information available in the Usenet newsgroups, but which of the Agent products will best fit your needs? If you are looking for a simple but reliable offline newsreader to help you navigate through the newsgroups, Free Agent may be the product for you. Free Agent offers the basic features and functionality you need, it's easy to use, and it's free! If you are looking for a more powerful newsreader with advanced features such as Folders, Sorting, Kill and Watch Filters, MIME Support, Launching URLs, and Integrated Email Functionality, you need a robust product like Agent.


Agent is a powerful commercial version of Forté's newsreader. This product includes all the features and functionality of Free Agent plus a set of enhanced newsreading features and fully integrated email capabilities. Like Free Agent, the Agent news and mail reader has been rated as the #1 product in its category.


Get Information By Subject Or Author And Filter Out The Rest

With Agent's Usenet Filters, you can pare down the number of messages you retrieve based on your specific needs. Use the Watch Filter to retrieve messages of interest based on subject or author. Agent scans the headers in busy newsgroups to find the topics or authors that you're looking for. Global Kill Filters allow you to filter out messages that you wish to ignore in a single group or across all newsgroups.

Organize Your Messages For Easy Reference

Use Agent's User Defined Folders to customize and organize your news articles and Email messages. Once you have created a new folder, you can drag and drop news articles or email messages into it to keep information on a particular topic together. You can also use Agent's Filing feature to route incoming Email messages directly to folders based on criteria such as subject or author.

View Information Your Way

Agent allows you to sort message headers by date, subject, author, and size to make browsing simple. You can sort within a particular newsgroup or any one of your user defined folders.

Don't Read The Same Message Twice

Efficient Cross Post Management tools recognize articles that you have already read in another newsgroup. Once you have read a message in a single group, Agent will mark the same message as "Read" in all of your other groups so that you don't waste time reading the same message in each group where it's posted. You can even tell Agent not to download the cross posted messages to conserve disk space.

Incorporate Your Standard Documents And Spread Sheets

Agent offers complete MIME support that allows you to attach and view spread sheets and other documents to Usenet postings or email messages that you send and receive. With comprehensive support for the MIME standard, Agent has the power and flexibility to send and receive any kind of information, from documents and spread sheets to images and sound files.

Easy Access To The World Wide Web

Agent has the ability to automatically launch the appropriate program to handle URLs embedded in news or email messages. This means that you can view a World Wide Web site or download files from an ftp site by clicking on the URL contained in any message.

Online Help Guides You Through Agent's Rich Features

Like Free Agent, this product offers context sensitive Online Help to help you get started and continue to take advantage of additional features that will enhance your Usenet news experience. You'll find answers to all your questions about installation, using Agent, and the numerous advanced features available in this powerful application.

Newsgroup Support

Agent customers may take advantage of Forté's Usenet newsgroup devoted to supporting Agent and Free Agent users. This newsgroup allows you to share your questions and knowledge with the Agent Support Team as well as Agent customers who provide valuable tips and feedback to other users.

Integrated Email Functionality

The integrated Email application in Agent allows you to send and receive news and mail messages using a single, consistent user interface. Since Agent can post email using MAPI protocol1, it can be integrated with your corporate email system and you can send mail from within Agent regardless of which email software your company uses. Agent also includes an address book to organize your personal and business addresses. A multilingual spell checker helps you to ensure that your news and mail postings appear as accurate and professional as possible.

Full Customer Support

Forté offers the highest level of Email based technical support to registered Agent customers. You can also visit our Online Support Web pages at for helpful information on using the Agent products. In addition, all Agent users receive free upgrades for 90 days following the date of purchase.

1.   Available in Agent 1.0   (Q1/97)

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