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Now you know that there is a wealth of information available in the Usenet newsgroups, but which of the Agent products will best fit your needs? If you are looking for a simple but reliable offline newsreader to help you navigate through the newsgroups, Free Agent may be the product for you. Free Agent offers the basic features and functionality you need, it's easy to use, and it's free! If you are looking for a more powerful newsreader with advanced features such as Folders, Sorting, Kill and Watch Filters, MIME Support, and Integrated Email Functionality, you need a robust product like Agent.


Free Agent is the #1 newsreader on the Internet and has been recognized as the market leader by many industry experts, including the 1996 PC Magazine / ZDNet Shareware Awards where Free Agent was named the Best Internet Product and Best Overall Product of the year.


Reduce Your Connect Time Charges

If you pay for your connect time or you have monthly limits on usage, Free Agent's offline capabilities can save you money, particularly in countries where even local telephone charges are high. With Free Agent you can go online to post or retrieve messages and then read or compose messages offline at your leisure.

Save Time By Getting Only The Information You Need

With all the different newsgroups and postings that appear on the Usenet, Free Agent's Search and Find features allow you to quickly get to the information you are looking for. When you come across a discussion "thread" that contains interesting or valuable information that you would like to monitor, Free Agent's Watch Thread feature keeps track of the thread and automatically downloads any new postings made in response to the original message. By the same token, you can mark threads that you don't want to follow and Free Agent will ignore the entire thread when you retrieve new messages. By taking advantage of these Free Agent features, you spend less time filtering through unwanted postings in the newsgroups and more time reading and responding to postings that are important to you.

32-Bit Application Optimized For Your Windows 95/NT Operating System

The new Free Agent 1.1 is available in a 32-bit native Windows 95 and NT version that is optimized to take advantage of your operating system. For example, Free Agent 1.1 utilizes Windows 95 dial-up networking (DUN) and it supports Windows NT Remote Access Services (RAS).

Display Newsgroups In Your Native Language

Free Agent 1.1 now supports up to 255 languages. This means that you can read messages in newsgroups containing various character sets not used in the English language. For example, you can define your Russian newsgroups to display and print messages using a Cyrillic font. In addition, Free Agent will use the Cyrillic font in the composition window when you post a new message to any of the defined newsgroups. If you are multilingual, you can configure Free Agent to have different languages and fonts associated with various newsgroups.

Painless Download And Decoding Of Images And Other Binary Attachments

Free Agent makes uuencoding and decoding of multipart binary attachments fast and simple by recognizing the order and number of parts in any image file. When downloading an image (or other binary attachment), Free Agent does all the work of retrieving and launching the image with a single click. Just sit back and watch as the image is displayed on your monitor.

Online Help Guides You Through Free Agent's Rich Features

Context sensitive Online Help makes it simple for you to get started and then continue to take advantage of additional features that will enhance your Usenet news experience. You'll find answers to all your questions about installation, using Free Agent, and advanced features available in this powerful application.

Newsgroup Support

Due to Free Agent's incredible popularity on the Usenet, Forté created its own Usenet newsgroup devoted to supporting users of the Agent products. This newsgroup is monitored regularly by the Agent Support Team as well as numerous Agent customers who provide valuable tips and feedback to other users.

Free Agent Is Free!

Free Agent is the market leader above all other Internet newsreaders for Windows. And best of all, Free Agent is absolutely free to anyone!

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Windows 95 and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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