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Our Web Services

We tell you how to use the Internet effectively.

We design your webpages.

We will help you promote your website on-line to get visitors to your pages.
We use a Web "Spider" to crawl the web and find locations to promote your site.
We are also a Web Submission service that will automatically submit your
web page(s) to hundreds of search engines that are approtriate to your specific site.
And once we have promoted your site, another product called Web Position will allow
you to see how well your promotion is doing. You can also purchase this product to track it yourself.

NEW! Learn how to bring targetted TRAFFIC
to your Web site with WebPosition Analyzer(tm).
Get your FREE trial here!

Web Space Providing
We publish your webpages on our server.

We scan e.g. your photographs, sketches in high quality.

Banner creation
We design banners which can be used as ads on services such as the Internet Link Exchange, Yahoo!, Lycos and so on.

Web Site Appraisal
We give you a detailed analysis of your website and make suggestions
for improvements using our Web Position search tool.

Please [E-Mail] us for exact prices

Publishing offer!
You ask us to design your pages.
If you want to establish a new site on the net and need some experts to help you,
then we're the right partner for you!
So to give you an example:
For a professional looking, convincing website of medium size (some 10 pages) we would charge $150.

Scanning Service!
We will scan images for customers that require scanned images to place in their banners.
Send us your images via the mail, along with an envelope with
proper postage to return your images, and a return address.
Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any images that we feel are not suited to be used in the banner ad.

Contact us by [E-Mail]

Banner Creation Service!
We are offering banner creation services for business homepages.
We will provide the service FREE if you will provide a link from your page to our home page.
Just send us an [E-Mail]
Please tell us how the banner should look like (style, colors),
what text it should contain (no more than 8 words)
and your URL.
For ideas have a look at some sample banners, E-mail us to get our banner display location.
(you can find your banner here when it's done).

Please note: You may only use this banner on the Internet as a linking device from other pages.
We'll only create banners for people who don't already have one.
Due to the high number of requests it can take up to two weeks for us to design your banner, so please be patient.

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