Software support

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DISC supports several software platforms and packages.

See the specific packages listed below for pricing.

Contracts are for a maximum of three (3) years with an optional one (1) year renewal.

ABS American Business Systems [accounting software]
Alpha Corp [Alpha 4 V6 & Alpha 5 V2, 3, & 4] Relational Databases for DOS & Windows
Parsons Technology [accounting and tax preparation software]
Medisys [SCO UNIX based medical accounting software]

Lantastic V4, 5, & 6 [Networking]
Novell V3.11, 3.12, 4, & 4.01 [Networking]
SCO UNIX [Multiuser software]
Concurrent Controls [Multiuser DOS]
IGC [Multiuser DOS]

You may Email your requests to:

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